Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Strong Man

Progression through the making of the Strong Man.
I didn't take many photo while making the strong man, so I'll just have to tell you what I did. 

Plasticine covering polystyrene balls for the head.

I used milliput to define the two parts in each arm and each leg. I also used milliput to wrap in small pieces around the spine, to make it stronger but also allow it to move.

I then glued sponge around the arms and legs and used scissors to cut it to shape. 

I also used sponge to make the hair, I was going to use plasticine but it would have made the puppet top heavy.

I used electrical joiners glued to washers for the feet.

I used padding to wrap around the body to fill the Strong man out a bit, before stitching his vest and shorts on to him. 

I found a pair of already knitted shorts that I put on over the top of the shorts that I made to see what they look like.
I preferred the knitted shorts so I've left them on him for now.

I used wool to wrap around the arms and legs to cover the sponge and make the limbs more defined.

I also used wire for the hands and covered them in plasticine, the same as the Bearded Lady.

I also covered the Strong man's feet in Plasticine too, to define their shape. 

I painted the sponge hair and made his eye brows and moustache separate, so that they just stick on and can be manipulated. 

There is also a rigging point in the back of the strong man, which will be used when animating in the next couple of days. 

I think the only thing left now is his mouth pieces and a change of eyes. 

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