Thursday, 31 October 2013

Using Milliput I started to make the little tv's that will make the arms and feet.
Just a reminded of the rough armature plan 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Starting to build the robots head

 Using Super sculpey firm, I moulded the head and cut out space for the eyes.

I also used the same material to make the eyes.

I baked the eyes for 15-20 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees, but decided not to bake the head yet, as when I cut out space for the eyes it changed the shape of the head slightly, so at the moment it is not as square as it should be. So I have choose to leave the head for now and continue with the body.

Stage two

Using two part epoxy glue, I glued the electrical joiners to two washers and a piece of card (which I will later strengthen)

Once the glue was dry I used milliput to strengthen the bond between the metal washers and joiners and the card.
I also used milliput to make the 'remote' part of the legs.
 I took the wire out of the joiners when I put the milliput around the joiners because I didn't want any of the milliput going onto the wire. It's the wire that needs to be detachable.
I attached washers to the bottom of the legs, with epoxy glue, to then build the feet on top of.
So far so good, the armature stands well on its own.
 Stage one of building the robot.

I cut off the plastic casing of electrical joiners, which I am going to use to join the limbs to the body, so that they are detachable if any anything were to brake and need fixing with out having to re-make the whole puppet.
 For the arms I am going to use two joiners, because there will be two wires running through the arms, and only one for each of the legs.
I used a drill to twist four pieces of wire together which will be used for arms and legs.

Then I used a screw driver to secure the wire into the joiners.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The plan is to use flash to put images/videos on to the robots T.V screens (belly, arms and feet)
and of course the images/videos will relate to the words coming from the robots mouth. They will also relate to the original drawing, which had images of what looks like a news reader, and the Queen drawn onto the robot.
Key words/lines from the sound clip are:
-minds are jelly
-hold the world in your fist.

Expression and poses

 Character expressions and poses sheet. 
I do not want the robot to have too many expressions because the sound clip that I've been given to go with him is very monotone. 

Action poses.
The robot will have limited movement because of the information that I want to be shown on the television screens, so his action poses will mostly be gesture poses with his hands.  

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

I chose my final robot design but then had to make slight changes to make my design look more like the original. For example I needed to spread the legs, have one arm higher than the other and add a few lose wires.
You'll notice I have left out the mouth section as the mouth pieces will be removable, and I have not decided 100% what they are going to look like yet.
Once choosing my final robot design I did a rough armature plan straight away, because I find it very hard to draw for animation without thinking 'how am I going to make this?'

Friday, 11 October 2013

First things first, research and then designs.
The robot looks to me like he is made from lots of T.V's put together, so I researched different T.V's and robots before I started drawing.

I have chosen to alway have a picture of the original drawing of the robot on my hand in sheets, so that I am constantly reminded not to stray too much from the original design.

 I only drew six designs because I felt if I continued to draw more they would become very different and not resemble the original drawing at all.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

2nd year animation.

Minor project.
For our minor project this year we have been given a child's drawing and a sound clip and we have to build this character, and part of a set and animate it. 
We are allowed to alter the child's drawing to it make it more animatable but it still has to primarily look like the original drawing. 

This is the original drawing that I was given. 
The sound clip I have been given is called "TV is Power"