Sunday, 30 March 2014

I am not going to use this shot in my final film but I thought I'd show it on my blog anyway. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Filming test

Here is one of my first tests now that I have started animating. This shot isn't in my storyboard, so I probably won't use it. However, even though it's not perfect and considering I've not animated in quite a while, I am rather pleased with this.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Main character

These images show the progress of making my main character, Jacob. 
The armature.
I also added milliput to the legs and feet as well.

The head, again is plasticine covering a polystyrene ball. 

The hands are latex. I used the mould I made when Kerry came in to teach us mould making back when we were doing the children's project. 

I used cardboard as sort of ribs, strengthening, and padding out the body at the same time, but still allowing movement.
I covered the arms and legs in sponge using super glue and used scissors to cut the sponge into shape. 

The head is simply pushed onto the neck, so it can be removed. 

I actually made all 3 characters at the same time, which is why I've waited so long to post anything about them, because I kept adding a little bit to each rather than just completely one and then moving onto the next one.
Here you can see the Strong Man and Jacob together, both unfinished.
I started the sew Jacobs clothes but there were frustrating me. 

Thats when I discovered the bag of old dolls clothes in the model room. Jacob originally had a tight white t-shirt on, but then I realised the shirt needed to be big and baggy because two melons need to fit down his shirt.
Also this stripy top i found works well, colour wise, with the set.
The trousers I found are also too big, however, he is meant to look kinda scruffy, so I sort of like them.
I used wool to wrap around the arms and leg for shape, but also to cover the sponge. I also used wool for the hair, which is glued on with fabric glue. 

The eye brows are painted plasticine. and the braces are denim material with wire running through the middle. 

I also added plasticine to finish off his chest.

The Strong Man

Progression through the making of the Strong Man.
I didn't take many photo while making the strong man, so I'll just have to tell you what I did. 

Plasticine covering polystyrene balls for the head.

I used milliput to define the two parts in each arm and each leg. I also used milliput to wrap in small pieces around the spine, to make it stronger but also allow it to move.

I then glued sponge around the arms and legs and used scissors to cut it to shape. 

I also used sponge to make the hair, I was going to use plasticine but it would have made the puppet top heavy.

I used electrical joiners glued to washers for the feet.

I used padding to wrap around the body to fill the Strong man out a bit, before stitching his vest and shorts on to him. 

I found a pair of already knitted shorts that I put on over the top of the shorts that I made to see what they look like.
I preferred the knitted shorts so I've left them on him for now.

I used wool to wrap around the arms and legs to cover the sponge and make the limbs more defined.

I also used wire for the hands and covered them in plasticine, the same as the Bearded Lady.

I also covered the Strong man's feet in Plasticine too, to define their shape. 

I painted the sponge hair and made his eye brows and moustache separate, so that they just stick on and can be manipulated. 

There is also a rigging point in the back of the strong man, which will be used when animating in the next couple of days. 

I think the only thing left now is his mouth pieces and a change of eyes. 

The Bearded Lady continued

I decided to go through some of the off cuts of material I had to see what would look best on the Bearded Lady. 

I then covered the Lady in cling film and masking tape. 

I then marked out the seem line and cut the cling film and tape of the puppet. These will now be used as templates for cutting out my chosen material to make the Bearded Lady's clothes.

I found that the templates did not work for me, so I was just going to sew/ glue the material into place.
However, this wasn't working either. 
I then discovered a bag in the model room filled with old dolls and teddy bear clothes. I was so happy about this because I really didn't want to make the clothes, it would have been nice to make them, but I was feeling a tad under pressure from everything and didn't have the patients to make the clothes myself at this point.
The hands are made from wire and then covered in plasticine and I added more plasticine to the chest to look like skin. 

The Bearded Lady

Progress through making The Bearded Lady

I moulded the head from soft sculpey over a polystyrene ball..

Turns out polystyrene shrinks when its heated up, I did not know this.
So I have chosen to use the plasticine head I made for the bearded lady as a model, as her actual head.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Progress on the set.

I bought some strips of metal with holes in to screw the two pieces of wood together.
I had originally glued the two pieces together and used milliput to fill any gaps, however, this was not strong enough. 

After screwing the two pieces together, I placed the wood on the turn table.
I had planned on buying a turn table from ikea for £5, but my mum said I could use the marble one we had at home, which works in my favour for two reasons. Its stronger, and saved me money. 

This picture shows the lion and my props on the set. I just wanted to see how things were looking and how well the wood balanced on the turn table. 

The foam board balanced in the middle, again just to see how things were looking.
The platform for the bearded lady needs to be finished and the foam boarded decorated. Im also not sure of the material on the outside at the moment. I think there needs to be more material to work with.

Same picture, different angle.

Same picture, but the animals side of the set. 

Here I have taken the middle divider out to finish, and added hay to the flooring of the Lions scene. 

I've decided to use material to decorate the foam board. I'm using any material I can find in the model room, that I think works well. 

I was very lucky to find this lovely red material which works great.
I have attached it to the foam board using just pins. 

Found some great fabric books (those example books of materials you can choose you sofa/curtains to be made from) 

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I threaded wire through the red material so that I the material has shape and can be manipulated. 

The red fabric is just pinned in place, but I think this is finally starting to look like something I am happy with.
(Sneaky peak of my unfinished puppets to the side there.) 

The Lion's side of the set.