Friday, 14 March 2014

The beginning of the set, the animals quarter.

Wood that I already had, it came with my mums coffee table when she shipped it from Saudi back to England.
Foam board for the background which cost £3.99 

Sawing the wood was not without its injuries. I cut through my thumb nail and underneath it. (Only a little cut)
Moral of the story don't rush things because you just want them done, it hurts.
I also painted the two half circles different colours. The Lions side is made to look like dark wooden flooring (above) and the arena side is a light sandy colour. 

I used cardboard to make the background higher, I will paint/cover it so the two pieces look like one. 

The two rectangles cut out from the foam board will be doors joining the arena to the animals quarters.

The Lion in his cage on the unfinished set. I also have not yet decided whether or not to put the wheels on the cage.  I am beginning to think it doesn't need them.

The material of the 'Big Top' still needs to be attached properly to look more like the tent. 

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