Saturday, 22 March 2014

Main character

These images show the progress of making my main character, Jacob. 
The armature.
I also added milliput to the legs and feet as well.

The head, again is plasticine covering a polystyrene ball. 

The hands are latex. I used the mould I made when Kerry came in to teach us mould making back when we were doing the children's project. 

I used cardboard as sort of ribs, strengthening, and padding out the body at the same time, but still allowing movement.
I covered the arms and legs in sponge using super glue and used scissors to cut the sponge into shape. 

The head is simply pushed onto the neck, so it can be removed. 

I actually made all 3 characters at the same time, which is why I've waited so long to post anything about them, because I kept adding a little bit to each rather than just completely one and then moving onto the next one.
Here you can see the Strong Man and Jacob together, both unfinished.
I started the sew Jacobs clothes but there were frustrating me. 

Thats when I discovered the bag of old dolls clothes in the model room. Jacob originally had a tight white t-shirt on, but then I realised the shirt needed to be big and baggy because two melons need to fit down his shirt.
Also this stripy top i found works well, colour wise, with the set.
The trousers I found are also too big, however, he is meant to look kinda scruffy, so I sort of like them.
I used wool to wrap around the arms and leg for shape, but also to cover the sponge. I also used wool for the hair, which is glued on with fabric glue. 

The eye brows are painted plasticine. and the braces are denim material with wire running through the middle. 

I also added plasticine to finish off his chest.

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