Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Bearded Lady continued

I decided to go through some of the off cuts of material I had to see what would look best on the Bearded Lady. 

I then covered the Lady in cling film and masking tape. 

I then marked out the seem line and cut the cling film and tape of the puppet. These will now be used as templates for cutting out my chosen material to make the Bearded Lady's clothes.

I found that the templates did not work for me, so I was just going to sew/ glue the material into place.
However, this wasn't working either. 
I then discovered a bag in the model room filled with old dolls and teddy bear clothes. I was so happy about this because I really didn't want to make the clothes, it would have been nice to make them, but I was feeling a tad under pressure from everything and didn't have the patients to make the clothes myself at this point.
The hands are made from wire and then covered in plasticine and I added more plasticine to the chest to look like skin. 

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