Saturday, 11 April 2015

Work Experience with Immortal Pictures!!

I haven't posted for a while because for the past four weeks I have had the privilege to do work experience on the feature film "Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires" written and being directed by Mike Mort. An Immortal Pictures production being produced at a brand spanking new studio based in Bridgend. The Stop-motion animated film is going to be one action packed epic phenomenon! Due for release in 2017. 

I had the opportunity to work in both the art department for two weeks and then the puppet department for a further two weeks. Working in both departments gave me a range of things to work on, and therefore get a real feel for the industry and where I would fit in/ make the best contribution. I have to say I have learnt so much in the four weeks in industry, but unfortunately I am unable to use the things I've learnt in my final year film as I've already made everything and don't have time to re-make anything. However, I'm sure the knowledge will come in useful soon enough.  Below is the short for the film "Chuck Steel: Raging balls of Steel Justice." 

Immortal Pictures Ltd, is a BAFTA award winning stop motion animation company based in the United Kingdom. At the top of the chain of command Mike Mort, producer and director. Having started on mostly commercials and TV series, such as award winning Gogs. Everything stop-motion, immortal pictures provides character design, model making, storyboarding, production and post production services.  

Already the crew at Chuck Steel are one hell of a talented bunch. With people who have worked on Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (2005) Frankenweenie (2012), Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), Aardman's Chicken Run (2000) just to name a few. 

The crew also Includes past students from the very university which I attend. The talented James Carlisle who is puppet assistant on Chuck Steel, and who taught me how to cast body cores using two part fast cast and fil-lite powder. I've linked his blog below if you want to check it out;

The image above is from James Carlisle "cut from the same cloth" an amazing, and touching stop-motion film. 

Two very important modellers at Chuck Steel are Joshua and Nathan Flynn, they're work is very well known at the University of South Wales, and it was their work that drew me to the University. Having graduated 3 years ago, the guys are doing extremely well for themselves, and I strongly recommend you take a look at they're website. 

The image above is from Joshua and Nathan's student film "Opening Night" 

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