Thursday, 23 April 2015

Company research: Laika

LAIKA is an animation studio that produces feature length films as well as shorts from scratch. Their latest feature film, The Boxtrolls, opened in September 2014.
Prior to The Boxtrolls, ParanNorman (2012) was nominated for both an Oscar and a BAFTA.

The company's first stop-motion animated feature film, Coraline, was release in February 2009, and received critical acclaim. With the release of Coraline, the stop-motion feature directed by Henri Selick based on a story by Neil Gaiman, that the company established its reputation.

Paranorman (2012) The film I went to the cinema to see days before starting my degree in BA (Hons) Animation.
They are a community of artists and technicians who create original animated content. They handcraft and transform everyday materials into living creatures with life and soul.
Laika newest film in the making is called “Kubo and the two strings” set for release in August 2016, distributed by Focus Features, and directed by Travis Knight.  
Sean Gregory, a student who graduated last year from the same University that I am currently at, has been hired by Laika to Animate on "Kubo and the two Strings." He moved over to the States a couple months ago to begin his incredible adventure. 
Check out Sean's Blog/Website below, he is one hell of a talented guy. 
This is the tortoise that Sean made for his final student film. 
Bridget Phlan who is currently one of the art directors on Chuck Steel: Night of the Trampires, had been working with Laika on Boxtrolls, (and has worked on other films with Laika) before her current role at Immortal Pictures. 

I think my favourite Laika production is still Coraline (2009) though. The puppets are incredible (they are in all their productions) but I think its the specialness of the storyline that makes the movie for me. The "Other" mother with her strange buttons for eyes, and Coraline's unique adventure. 

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