Thursday, 20 February 2014

Trying to work out scale

I made a rough paper scale model of my set and places my unfinished puppets in the set to see how they look for scale.
I think the base needs to be about 10cm bigger all the way round. 

There will be material where the string is 

The arena scene 

Where the Bearded lady will stand on her platform. 

Here I was trying to get a rough idea what some of the shot will look like.
Here would be scene 2 shot 1 over the should shot of the Strong man.. 

2:2 close up of Jacob 

Jacob runs over to the Strong man 

2:4 Jacob gestures for the Strong man to step a side..

2:9 Jacob has just been told off by the Bearded lady

Characters 'Freeze' and the set begins to rotate.. 3:1

New scene, the animals quarters, 3:4 

Then I had the idea to see what my set would look like through a fish eye lens. 

Still test my fish eye lens 

I like the fish eye effect a lot. I think I'll look into different types of camera lens, and the effects they have.

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