Thursday, 7 May 2015

Charlie Chaplin

Thursday 7th May, after first submittal on Tuesday I've now had lots of feed back. All positive too!
Both tutors have looked at my work separately and they have both said they like the look of my puppets and sets. 

One of them said that my work has an old classic feel to it, like an old Charlie Chaplin quirky short. Not unlike my 2nd year film. Which he had not seen the finished product, so I showed him my 2nd year film, which he liked, and said that I've got that kind of style going for me. 
So even though my puppets aren't the easiest to animate, they work with the way they look. Which is good because I mentioned back in pre-production that I was going for a kind of Victorian look, with the characters clothes.

So I sent what I've done so far to the guy who has agreed to do the sound for my film, and said to him the sort of thing I'm looking for. 

I'm now animation with Charlie Chaplin music on in the background of inspiration.  

Only 15 days until final deadline!! 

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