Thursday, 16 January 2014

Major project

Its time for my final major project of my 2nd year at university. I have chosen to do a 90 second film, based on the story I wrote for my narrative forms project.

The Premise.

Set around the 1920's, a young orphaned boy is desperately seeking to be accepted within the
traveling circus that he already works for as a sort of skivvy.
Filmed inside the 'Big Top' while the performers are rehearsing, the scruffy kid tries to
demonstrate his skills by attempting to lift weights with the world’s strongest man. He fails
miserably and gets laughed at. Turning crimson red with embarrassment, he hangs his head in
The angry, disapproving voice of the bearded lady yells at the boy, to stop being foolish
and wasting time and to go tend to the animals. The boy sighs deeply and drags his feet going to do what he has been told.
While in the animal’s quarters, he strops about the place using hay as a beard and putting melons down his shirt as breast to mimic the bearded lady.
Suddenly the deep roar of an angry lion startles the boy, he freezes in place as the hay drops to the floor. The boy slowly turns to face the lion and edges close to the creature, as he nears he notices a thorn in the animals paw. 
The boy manages to coax the Lion to allow him to remove the thorn, as a result the Lion be-friends the boy and allows him to train him.
The boy becomes a featured act preforming with the Lion, and the other performers are amazed and proud of him.

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